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"Walking on ICE": Life is Fragile, don't forget to live it

'come here boy, come on now..that dog don’t bite’……..

I went up to Lake Placid for a photo/video shoot. My first time there since 1979 with my family while they were building for the 1980 Winter Olympics. As I’m walking along a frozen lake (something that makes me nervous but something I desperately wanted to do), I share my former fears about traveling to certain areas within the United States. That fear, based on preconceived notions, primarily based on former experiences (primarily in rural areas of the USA). I share a story my father shared with me, regarding getting attacked by racists through their dog, and how he managed that situation, how that affects me to this day. I had an apprehension of dogs much of my life, though I LOVE animals, and am happy that fear has faded away, though if I’m honest I do still struggle with it at times, and need to constantly remind myself there’s a 95% change of it all being OK, as opposed to the other way around (as my father experienced).