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Why Not Try something Different?: Never underestimate the power of Influence

“I really want to be one of those people to really bust out and be link dag he made it out…”

Two young men speak on the social impact of the film Black Panther, and how seeing travelers of color (via online sources) has had an impact on them and their views. Hollywood films are one of USA’s biggest exports, and have an impact on how people are perceived. Several of Hollywood’s films exported around the world over the years have shown Black Americans (and many other groups) as less than the hero. If you rarely see yourself depicted as the Hero How likely are you to to be perceived as one. IF you see someone like you in any role, you may be more likely to see yourself in that role. In turn, if others (around the globe) constantly see Africans, African Americans and other marginalized groups through the veil of a long standing narrative, yet never see many or any Africans, African Americans (or any others) their perspective of who these folks are may be formed only from what they see on the screen. The more opportunity people from around the globe can interact with one another on a personal level, the more likely their perspectives of one another will be formed from actual people rather than long standing stereotypes. In turn, the more Hollywood and other big screen entities depict Africans, African Americans and other marginalized groups in more positive roles, the more likely it may be for people around the globe to gradually come to break the mindset of old longstanding negative stereotypes, and potentially have a better understanding of one another.

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