Travel through the eyes of a brown westerner

Window Seat (VLOG)

"Walking on ICE": Life is Fragile, don't forget to live it

'come here boy, come on now..that dog don’t bite’……..

I went up to Lake Placid for a photo/video shoot. My first time there since 1979 with my family while they were building for the 1980 Winter Olympics. I share my former fears about traveling to certain areas within the USA. That fear, based on preconceived notions. I share a story my father shared with me, regarding getting attacked by racists through their dog, and how he managed that situation, how that affects me to this day.

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The skin complex goes beyond that: The Other Side of the Mirror
Guy walks into a bar....He's from Southern India...we had a conversation about Skin (color) complex among other things... It got interesting..... "you might see school kids calling...African guy 'N****r'...."   Sadly, I did not have my gear bag on me, so I shot this with my phone. 
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